The IFLA 2014 Satellite meeting on Information Literacy is co-organised by the IFLA Information Literacy Section and Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick, Republic of Ireland. This Satellite meeting aims to bring together library and information professionals, media specialists, policy makers, educators, employers and all other concerned stakeholders worldwide to exchange knowledge and experience, discuss current issues, challenges and developments about Information Literacy generally.

The special theme of this IFLA Satellite meeting is Facing the Future: Librarians and Information Literacy in a Changing Landscape - Hence we are especially keen to accept submissions from any of the following:

  • executives and experts of key specialized international governmental and nongovernmental agencies and organizations; leading world experts in the field of knowledge societies building;
  • leading researchers and professors of journalism, librarianship and education; executives and representatives of government authorities responsible for educational institutions, libraries, and print and electronic media; representatives of international and national associations of media and information literacy professionals;
  • representatives of organizations and institutions engaged in publishing professional literature on media and information literacy; and media practitioners.